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Mei La Hua Zhi Xiu No. 1 Chili Seeds,Chili Seeds 浠锋牸锛�鍏� 缂栧彿锛�063 浜у湴锛欳hina

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Peppercorns grow vigorously, have green leaves, are disease-resistant, and bear fruit well under both high and low temperatures. The length of the fruit is 22-26cm, the thickness is about 3.2cm, and a single fruit is about 110g. The color of the fruit is dark green and shiny, and the fruit is nearly cylindrical and straight. Smooth, spicy and fragrant, the meat is thick and crispy without residue. It is as delicious as "Jiao Zhiyu No. 2". Everyone who has eaten it says it is delicious. After tasting it, friends from the northwest said that it is a high-quality pepper that is even more delicious than screw pepper. Pepper: This variety has particularly strong continuous fruit setting ability and is very high-yield. A single plant can bear 35-60 fruits. Under careful management, the rate of high-quality fruits is very high.

Cultivation points:

It requires supporting planting with good varieties and good methods. Strictly cultivate strong seedlings and eliminate weak and diseased seedlings; this variety is particularly high-yield and requires the application of high-quality decomposed organic fertilizers and compound fertilizers as base fertilizers, combined with medium and micro element fertilizers; strict testing to select the appropriate seedling period and planting period is the key to a good harvest. It is recommended About 2,000 plants are planted on the protected land and about 2,500 plants are planted on the open field; this variety has strong growth potential, so it is necessary to control water and fertilizer appropriately in the early stage of fruiting, and pay attention to ventilation and moisture removal. After fruit setting, it requires good water and fertilizer conditions, and there must be no lack of water and fertilizer; throughout the growth period During the period, use good intentions, net fruit essence, dew speed net, golden palm, stable enemy, etc. to prevent pests and diseases.

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