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Rainbow Melon Treasure Watermelon Seeds 浠锋牸锛�鍏� 缂栧彿锛�061 浜у湴锛欳hina

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Innovative gift small watermelon, exquisite and beautiful, thin strips with flower skin, round or slightly higher round, single melon weighing 1.5-2kg.

The outstanding features are:

1. The melon flesh has a special color, which is red, orange, and creamy yellow when it is normally mature. When the watermelon is cut vertically, the cross section looks like a rainbow, and when the watermelon is cut crosswise, it has a vague flower pattern;

2. The taste is special, the flesh is crispy and tender, has a melt-in-the-mouth feeling, and has a unique fragrance;

3. Sweet and juicy, with a center sugar content of up to 13.9%, and a thin skin that is as sweet as a melon rind;

4. It has good early maturity. Under normal management, the melons can be harvested 25-27 days after they are set. They will be very sweet when they are seven years old. They can be marketed early and can harvest the second crop of melons, which is very profitable;

5. The plant grows steadily, has small to medium leaves, is easy to plant, and can produce multiple fruits per plant. It is easy to grow and manage, and is suitable for greenhouse planting and packaging and selling of high-end watermelon gifts.

Cultivation points:

For ordinary greenhouse cultivation, about 1,000 plants per acre are planted, with double vine pruning, leaving 1-3 melons per plant, and a single melon weighing 1.5-2kg; for hanging vine cultivation, 1,600-1,800 plants are planted per acre, with one melon per plant and a single melon weighing 1.5 kg. About kilograms; with careful management, two or three melons can be left, and they must be picked in time when mature. This variety is a high-grade watermelon. It should be noted that more decomposed cake fertilizer and farmyard manure should be used as base fertilizer, and the supply of water and fertilizer should be even. Greenhouse planting requires assisted artificial pollination to increase the melon setting rate. The peel of this variety is thin, and water should be controlled before maturity. It cannot be dry or wet suddenly to prevent the fruit from cracking. In case of high temperature weather during the ripening period of watermelon, the shed film should be sprayed with mud in advance and covered with a sunshade net to prevent the quality of the fruit from deteriorating due to high temperature; Pay attention to pest control during the growth period.

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