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Delicious Hua Zhi Xiu No. 3 Watermelon Seeds 浠锋牸锛�鍏� 缂栧彿锛�060 浜у湴锛欳hina

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It has a crispy texture and sweet taste, is larger than 8424 and is more resistant to cracking.

It is easy to manage, easy to plant melons, and the melons are large and high-yielding.

The growth is steady, and it is easy to set the melon under good management. When the temperature is suitable, the melon matures in about 30 days, with a single melon weighing 5 to 8 kilograms. The fruit is round in shape, with light green skin covered with dark green light-toothed hollow strips. The flesh is more colorful than 8424, the center sugar can reach 13 degrees, the flesh is tender and juicy, and the quality is like 8424. The yield is also significantly higher, with a high yield of over 4000 kilograms. Under scientific management, it can produce multiple melons.

Cultivation points:

1. Strictly cultivate strong seedlings, 500-600 plants per acre, and plant-to-row spacing of 2 meters x 0.5-0.6 meters. It is recommended to prune branches with three vines, leaving the female flowers on the third main vine or the second side vine. Be careful to avoid low temperature and low node position. Melon to avoid deformation or thick-skinned hollowness.

2. Apply 5 cubic meters of high-quality decomposed organic fertilizer per mu, apply compound fertilizer in a balanced manner, and appropriately supplement medium and trace elements.

3. The seedlings have weak growth and disease resistance, and are not resistant to Fusarium wilt, vine blight, blight and other diseases. When raising seedlings, attention should be paid to raising the temperature to avoid excessive moisture in the soil. It is recommended to use larger nutrient pots to grow seedlings. The growth is weak in the early stage of growth and has poor resistance to low temperatures. Repeated cropping plots are prone to disease, and management needs to be strengthened to avoid the occurrence of diseases and insect pests. Properly control water and fertilizer before setting melons to prevent the melon seedlings from growing vigorously.

4. Planting in protected areas requires artificial assisted pollination.

5. Grafting cultivation is required for repeated cropping plots.

6. During the color-changing period of the melon pulp, prevent high temperature waterlogging or drastic changes in the environment, avoid dark pulp and cracked melons, and plant in high ridges.

7. Prevent pests and diseases in a timely manner throughout the growing period.

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