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Bai Fumei melon 浠锋牸锛�鍏� 缂栧彿锛�057 浜у湴锛欳hina

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A very distinctive new early-maturing melon variety, a pure white-skinned, white-fleshed, high-quality melon, suitable for both ground climbing and hanging vine cultivation. It is mainly grown on ground climbing, has strong melon-bearing ability, can keep multiple melon crops, has high yield, and is easy to manage. , one person can cultivate a lot of land.

Early maturity, plant growth is steady, greenhouse planting in early spring, fruit development period is about 33 days; fruit is round, white skin, plump and regular shape, average weight of a single melon is about 1kg, milky white flesh, thick flesh, small cavity, good taste and rich fragrance , the center sugar content is about 18%, and the gradient is small.

The plant has strong disease resistance, outstanding melon-bearing ability, good cultivation properties, wide planting area and strong adaptability.

Cultivation points:

  Greenhouses are planted on the ground, with 600-800 plants per acre, with a row spacing of 2 meters and a plant spacing of 45 centimeters. Under good management conditions, each plant can produce three crops of melons, and can produce nearly 20 kilograms of melons. **The first crop of melons should be treated with the melon sealing agent. **As long as there are bees and other insects for pollination, the third crop of melons can be harvested without complicated management. Generally, if three vines are pruned, the first crop can hold five melons. A single melon is less than one kilogram, about one and a half kilograms in size. After the first crop is harvested, top-dressing fertilizers and pesticides are applied, and a spray of Zuogualing can be used to produce second, third or even fourth crop of melons, with a yield of more than 10,000 kilograms per mu. If the market is good, the income per mu can reach 40,000 to 50,000. This variety has good quality, with crispy meat in the early stage and very delicate soft meat after being stored for a few days, which is as delicious as jade mushrooms. For hanging vine cultivation, it is recommended to plant 1,800-2,000 plants per mu. Comprehensive prevention and control of pests and diseases: In the prevention and control of pests and diseases, we must effectively implement the principle of "prevention is more important than cure" and eliminate pests and diseases in their initial stage.

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