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Seedless watermelon seeds 浠锋牸锛�鍏� 缂栧彿锛�055 浜у湴锛欳hina

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A hard-skinned, transport-resistant seedless watermelon variety, with light green skin covered with green stripes, clear and beautiful, easy to sit on, bright red flesh, crisp, sweet and juicy, with a sugar content of up to 13% in the center, good quality . A single melon can weigh up to 8-10kg, and a large melon can weigh up to 20kg. This variety has a hard and tough skin, is resistant to storage and transportation, is easy to sit on, and is easy to manage. It is loved by growers, melon merchants, and consumers, and has become the main variety in many seedless watermelon growing areas.

It can be cultivated in protected areas and open fields.

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