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Yuxing 8424 watermelon seeds 浠锋牸锛�鍏� 缂栧彿锛�052 浜у湴锛欳hina

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Early-maturing, high-quality watermelon with good low-temperature tolerance. Under normal conditions, it matures in 28-30 days after sitting. The melon is plump and round in shape, with light green skin covered with dark hollow strips. The skin is crisp and the flesh is pink. The cross section It is uniform, the flesh is delicate, crispy and sweet, and the quality is good. The sugar content in the center is mostly above 12 degrees, the gradient is small, the weight of a single melon is 3-5kg, and the marketability is good.

Cultivation points:

1. Suitable for early cultivation in large and small sheds, and strict requirements for good varieties and good methods.

2. To cultivate strong seedlings, the reference density is about 700 plants per acre. Generally, three-vine pruning is used, and the main vine**, three female flowers or side vine** female flowers are selected to retain the fruit; scientific management can keep two and three melons.

3. Apply sufficient base fertilizer, which is mainly phosphorus and potassium fertilizer. Avoid applying nitrogen fertilizer to prevent vigorous growth.

4. Planting in protected areas requires artificial assisted pollination to promote melon setting.

5. Pay special attention to the fact that throughout the growth period, especially during the fruit expansion period, the field should be supplied with a balanced supply of water, avoiding sudden dryness and sudden wetness. At the same time, drastic changes in temperature should be avoided as much as possible to reduce cracking of melons. I recommend friends with rich experience and good skills to plant melons carefully.

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