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Yuyi 360 watermelon seeds 浠锋牸锛�鍏� 缂栧彿锛�051 浜у湴锛欳hina

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1. A watermelon variety with oval skin and a full growth period of about 105 days, and a fruit development period of about 32 days. The fruit is oval, upright and beautiful. A single melon weighs about 10 kilograms, and the yield per mu can reach 4,500 kilograms; 2. Red flesh and crisp texture , good quality and good taste; the melon skin is hard and tough, resistant to storage and transportation, and suitable for long-distance transportation. 3. This variety has strong growth, strong disease resistance, large melons, good appearance and good quality.

It is easy to sit on the melon, and it matures in about 30 days after sitting.

Cultivation points:

1. This variety is a large-fruited high-yielding variety and has a certain ability to withstand repeated cropping. However, grafting and cultivation are still required for repeated cropping for more than 2 years. The base fertilizer is more than 30% more farmyard manure and phosphorus and potassium fertilizer than ordinary varieties, which can give full play to its high-yield advantage. .

2. Select strong seedlings for planting, with a suitable planting density of 500-550 plants/acre.

3. After slowing down the seedlings, water and topdress in time to promote vine expansion. It is recommended to prune the branches with three vines, and select the third female flower on the main vine to retain the fruit.

4. Water and fertilizer should be properly controlled during the flowering and pollination period to avoid excessive growth, but not too dry. In continuous rainy weather, artificial pollination and other measures must be taken to ensure that the melons sit well.

5. After the young melons have settled firmly, they must be poured with swelling water and topdressed with high potassium fertilizer to promote swelling and improve quality. Stop watering one week before maturity to avoid quality degradation.

6. Pay attention to the prevention and control of pests and diseases throughout the growth period.

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