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New boxing champion watermelon seeds 浠锋牸锛�鍏� 缂栧彿锛�050 浜у湴锛欳hina

watermelon seeds

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1. An innovative, new cross-border watermelon variety, medium-early maturing, with a full growth period of about 90 days under suitable conditions, oval shape, black and green skin covered with dark stripes, and good resistance to repeated cropping and anthracnose. The flesh is bright red and has a crisp texture. Under suitable water and fertilizer conditions, the central sugar content is about 13%.

2. This variety not only has few seeds but is of high quality, but also has an outstanding feature. It is sparsely planted with 600 plants per acre, and a single melon weighs 6-8kg. It is a large-fruited variety that is not prone to thick skin and ribbing, and has better quality;

3. Plant densely with 900 plants per acre. The melons weigh 3-5kg. Each plant can bear 1-3 melons. It is similar to the characteristics of the large-fruited Black Beauty. It is larger than ordinary Black Beauty melons and has a higher yield.

Cultivation points

1. It requires good varieties and good methods. This variety has the characteristics of less seeds and less pollen. It can be interplanted with 10-20% of other varieties (Hei Xiaobao, New Opportunity, etc.) to ensure natural pollination and melon sitting, or use melon sitting melon. deal with.

2. Strictly cultivate strong seedlings, transplant strong seedlings, and graft and plant in repeated crops. When planning to sell large-fruit varieties, plant row spacing is 0.6脳2m, and about 550 plants per mu; when planning to sell medium-fruit varieties, plant about 900 plants per mu. Generally, three-vine pruning is used, and the third female flower on the main vine or the second female flower on the side vine retains the fruit.

3. It is required to use more organic fertilizers as base fertilizer, a balanced application of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. Avoid applying nitrogen fertilizers in an unfavorable manner. Strictly control water and fertilizer in the early stage of setting the melons to prevent them from growing vigorously. Water and topdress the melons in a timely manner during the expansion stage.

4. When there are cloudy and rainy days or few insects during the flowering period, artificial assisted pollination or melon seeding should be used.

5. Please harvest watermelons in time when they are mature to avoid shading due to hot and humid weather.

6. Throughout the growth period, especially before and after wheat harvest, attention should be paid to the prevention of aphids, red spider mites, viral diseases and other pests and diseases.

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