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Rainbow 8 Watermelon Seeds 浠锋牸锛�鍏� 缂栧彿锛�029 浜у湴锛欳hina

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  The plant is delicate, with medium leaves, stable growth, wide cultivation adaptability, and easy to plant. The main vine has female flowers on the 6th-8th node. The female flowers are about 5 nodes apart, short elliptical or elliptical, and the surface of the green skin is covered with dark green. Clear strips and improved cracking resistance. Generally, a single melon weighs 1.5-2.5kg, and the solid solution content in the center is about 13%. Under good management, the sugar content can reach 13.9%.

       Outstanding features: 1. The flesh is crispy and delicate, with few seeds and thin skin. It is as sweet as the melon rind and has a unique fragrance, which is more flavorful than small red-flesh watermelons.

2. Easy to manage, good ventilation and light transmission, not easy to grow, and good resistance to leaf diseases.

3. It has good early maturity. Under normal climate and management conditions, melons can be harvested 35-36 days after being set in the greenhouse in early spring, and can be harvested 23-25 days after being set in the greenhouse in autumn. It can be marketed early and it is easy to keep two crops. Melons have higher yields and better benefits.

4. It is resistant to storage and transportation, and its crack resistance is significantly improved. It is especially recommended for picking gardens, e-commerce, and high-end fruit merchants to sell gift boxes.

Cultivation points:

1. Climbing planting, plant about 1,000 plants per acre, pruning three vines, leaving 2-3 melons per plant;

2. Hanging vine cultivation, single vine or one and a half pruned vines, about 2,000 plants per acre, one melon per plant.

With careful management, two crops of melons can be left.

3. This variety is a high-grade watermelon, winning for its early-maturing quality. It should be strictly managed with improved varieties and good methods. Pay attention to applying more decomposed cake fertilizer and farmyard manure as base fertilizer, and ensure a uniform supply of water and fertilizer;

4. Greenhouse planting requires assisted artificial pollination to increase the melon setting rate. It is recommended to use Yuyi Wenjian No. 1 rootstock for grafting in re-cropping plots.

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