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Heiwa No. 2 Watermelon Seeds 浠锋牸锛�鍏� 缂栧彿锛�027 浜у湴锛欳hina

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Early maturity, stable growth, good moisture tolerance, strong disease resistance; low temperature tolerance, sufficient pollen, easy to sit on the melon, the melon is uniform, the skin is dark and shiny, covered with unobvious dark thin strips; the fruit development period for planting in protected areas is 36 ~38 days, when mature, the seeds will be black and red, with a good cross-section. The average weight of a single melon is about 7kg, high round shape, round shape, central sugar can reach 13%, small gradient, crisp and sweet flesh, and good quality. The peel is tough and resistant to cracking, not easily hollowed out, resistant to transportation, and has a long shelf life.

Main cultivation measures

1. This variety requires good seeds and good methods to be planted, and strict cultivation of strong seedlings. About 700 plants per mu are required to be planted. It requires ridges, planting on the back of the ridges, and drip irrigation.

2. It is recommended to prune the branches with three vines. Leave the melons on the third main vine or the second female flower on the side vines. Do not leave the melons too early to avoid deformation or thick-skinned hollows.

3. During spring greenhouse cultivation, before setting the melons, it is necessary to strictly prevent the phenomenon of vigorous growth, and do not apply nitrogen fertilizer to avoid causing the seedlings to run out of growth and fail to bear fruit.

4. It is recommended for grafting cultivation on heavy cropping land, applying sufficient base fertilizer and more organic fertilizer; planting in the open field, and not planting in saline-alkali soil.

5. For planting in protected areas and open fields in early spring, artificial auxiliary pollination measures must be adopted. After the young melons are firmly established, they must be poured with swelling water and topdressed with high potassium fertilizer to promote the swelling of the melons. Stop watering 10 days before maturity to avoid quality degradation.

6. Pay attention to preventing and controlling pests and diseases throughout the growing period.

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